Vote for Sora!

OK. So the other day, I got really brave and entered New Beauty Magazine’s contest called Fab over 40. I really thought long and hard about it but then I said to myself, “Sora, if not now-then when” and filled out the form online and submitted some photos

I let it go and then I received an email that I was accepted and I was like “OMG!”

After the initial excitement wore off–I read the contest instructions and saw that like Dancing with the Stars that I had to be voted on to win. I (because I didn’t read the fine print—) thought that the magazine would determine who the winner would be but then I realized that it was not being voted on that way.

So you know the saying “it takes a village”-Well I simply need your support to have this opportunity.

So I’ve posted the voting link (voting is today) and I hope that you will “Vote for Sora!” Thank You


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