Pili Ani Crafted for Beauty

The other day I was surprisingly delighted to receive a package from the Philippines from Rosalina Tan who is the pioneering founder of Pili Ani a beauty and wellness brand and also a member of Global Woman which is where I met her.

Here is the one and only Rosalina Tan.

Rosalina Tan

Now, often referred to as the “Chosen Tree” in the Philippines, the Pili tree has been prized for centuries in the Asian Pacific Islands. Rosalina wanted to help Pili farmers in the Bicol region, and so she came across an otherwise untapped source of skin-nourishing nutrients. By using the oils that Rosalina found in the Pili tree bark and the Pili fruit pulp, Rosalina created Pili Ani-a line of nutrient-dense holistic essentials that are enriched with natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins from the Pili tree. Pili Ani supports the health and resiliency of one’s skin while at the same time uplifting local communities and advancing environmental sustainability.

Here are some of the products that I received that I am so enjoying trying…

Youthful Glow Facial Cream

Natural Radiance Facial Moisturizer Cream

Pure Essential Oil Blends

Check out those great scents-Rise and Shine/Citronella/Minty Breeze/Stress Away and Sweet Dreams

Ageless Concentrate

Purifying Toner/Hydrating Mist/Gentle Facial Cleaner

So life is about change and I’ve changed to Pili Ani products and you should to. Click HERE to find out more!!

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