Cathedrale Restaurant

So I met a group of friends for dinner at Cathedrale, a wonderful restaurant which is not too far from where I live at 112 East 11th Street. I loved the spaciousness of the restaurant (think cathedral ceilings) and the food was French-Mediterranean cuisine that for me painted a picture of the coastal cuisine of Southern France, with brushstrokes of Italy, Spain and Greece.

Here is the outside of the restaurant.

Then you walk down these long steps to get into the restaurant.

Then there’s the bar, outdoor dining and then indoor dining where we were seated.

So what did I decide to order. I must admit-that nothing has changedLol and that I’m still a dessert first gal. So I had checked out the desserts and decided that I wanted to try their Apricot Basque Cheesecake so that I knew that I was going to order a low calorie appetizer.

And that’s just what I did. As an appetizer with fabulous bread and breadsticks I ordered the Chilled Watermelon with Valbreso Feta, Thassos Olives, Pastéque Vinaigrette

It was just delightful. The cool watermelon on the bottom, the Valbreso Feta, the thinnly cut radishes and the soooo yummy bread sticks and bread.

And now it’s time for dessert and yes,Lol-I ordered the Apricot Basque Cheesecake.

It was quite good. It was lightly burned on the top with Apricots both outside and inside was a delightful creamy texture.

And what does this type of dessert call for. You got it. Definitely. A cup of Black coffee. Saved by the caffeine. SoLol

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