The Mad Hatter and Gin Party

Party like you’re lost in Wonderland!

Yes, I did. That is party like I was lost in Wonderland.

I attended The Mad Hatter and Gin Party which is located at 330 Madison Avenue.

As part of this party in Wonderland I got to experience a menu of tantalizing tea party cocktails (I opted for the non-alcoholic ones) since I still faced the trainsLol when I got out.

In addition we had some very curious ingredients – to put in the tea and some fun types of food and cakes to go along with it.

So here are some images from the event. It was so fun. I strongly recommend that you take that trip down the rabbit hold and get lost in Wonderland as well.

Yes, we all had to pick a hat to attend the party! You picked it out at the entrance.

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