The Dueling Pianos Rock

I met a friend at The Cutting Room which is located at 44 East 32nd Street right off Park Avenue South. I got to see The Dueling Pianos which my friend had been raving about for weeks. These two guys, each at their own piano, Mark Weiser and Mathew Friedman gave a raucous and fabulous Shake, Rattle and Roll show.

So here is the outside of the Cutting Room.

And here is the bar area and the back show room/restaurant area.

So yes, this show was called The Boozy Brunch and there was a limited cabaret type of menu and so I opted for the Hamburger and French Fries plate. 🙂

Now let’s talk about the show. The show is totally spontaneous. Here are Mark and Mathew on The Cutting Room stage.

Mark and Mathew know and I mean know a total of 5,000 songs. What happens is that you put in (and payLol) for requests and they sing it. But if someone in the audience doesn’t like the song they’re playing then they can outbid that song and Mark and Mathew will stop immediately and play the newly requested song. And Lord have mercy, if no one sends up a request with cash or through Venmo/yes Venmo then Mark and Mathew will keep playing the Baby Shark Song and it’s not what you want to hear.

There are timesLol where folks are just running up to the piano to stop and outbid the song being played. It is really entertaining..

So who are some of the artists that got bid on today?

There was some Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Elton John, Cher, Ricky Martin, Prince and the list goes are. These guys get you clapping, singing, swaying your hands and call you out in the most fun way.

So here’s a video which will leave you of what kind of experience you will have when at The Cutting Room with The Dualing Pianos. Enjoy!

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