The Russian Tea Room

The Russian Tea Room is one of New York’s most beloved and iconic restaurants. I had some free time before a performance at Carnegie Hall (which is located just a few doors down from The Russian Tea Room) and I decided to have dinner there because I figured that this would probably be the closest that I’d ever get to Russia!!

Just some background information on the restaurant makes it all the more intriguing as a place to have a meal!

The Russian Tea Room was founded by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927. That makes it 95 years old.

It was and still continues to be a second home for famous names as well as the intellectual global elite. It’s also considered to be an exclusive meeting place where actors, writers, politicians, and executives plan their next deals as well as celebrate their friends’ latest successes at Carnegie Hall.

So let’s take a look.

Now the inside.

So it’s Restaurant Month in New York so they gave me a restaurant week full dinner menu.

However…. it was so much food that I just couldn’t and so decided to choose one entree and to call it a night.

It wasn’t an easy choice since everything sounded amazing such as Vegetable Wellington (mixed vegetables wrapped in a puff pastry with a tarragon beurre blanc) or Boeuf a la Stroganoff (red wine braised beef short ribs with think noodles, tossed in a creamy mushroom and black truffle cream sauce or) or Cotelette a la Kiev (herb butter stuffed breaded chicken breast served with Yukon mashed potatoes and a light mushroom sauce).

However, it was Kulebyaka that became my choice. Kulebyaka is a what the Russians call Russian Salmon Pie. After googling it, this is what I found.

What is Kulebyaka Russian pie?

  • Kulebyaka – Russian pie. Kulebyaka or Coulibiac is an authentic Russian hot pie, which has an oblong shape and features several fillings. The word became from old Russian verb – ‘kulebyachit’, that means to make with hands, to shape, to bend and to knead.

Well, it was off the charts fabulous.

Kulebyaka-Russian Salmon Pie
Kulebyaka-Russian Salmon Pie

It was fresh boneless salmon, divine pastry coupled with the fillings of dry white wine, medium grain rice, chopped fresh dill, fresh parsley, breadcrumbs, a finely diced onion and some lemon juice.

So if you’re on 57th near Carnegie Hall don’t hesitate to check out The Russian Tea Room.

Yes, it’s pricey but worth the experience.


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