Dinner with Gangsters and Ghosts

What a great evening it was! I met a few friends at Casa D’Angelo for dinner which is located at 146 Mulberry Street between Hester and Grand. Then our plan was to join a NYC Gangsters and Ghosts Tour which we had prepurchased tickets for at 8:00pm. More about that later.

First about dinner at Casa D’Angelo.

Truthfully, it was hard to find the place. I had walked down 3rd Avenue to the Bowery and Grand and then started using Google Maps. But when Google Maps said that I was there. I wasn’t :). I had to cross the street and then make a left and then yeah…I found it.

Here is the outside dining area, the bar area and the inside dining area (it’s a pretty big place!).

So what did I decide to eat?

Well, I wasn’t that hungry so I decided to have a Roasted Beet Salad with Heirloom Beets, goat cheese and walnuts and to bring up the temperature I decided to have a side of Roasted Potatoes with fresh rosemary.

I enjoyed the Beet Salad because the beets were super fresh as was the goat cheese but being a potato lover the Roasted Potatoes were great. They were just right and sooo yum.

There was no dessert because we had to get out to get to meet the NYC Gangsters and Ghosts tour and that was on the other end of Chinatown.

Well it was a great tour! I learned all about the Chinese Gangs and what became of them and then learned all about those Mafia Dons and what became of them as well. Then we walked (a lot of walkingLol) to Washington Square Park and learned about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, the hanging tree in the Park and the tragic partying that happened in the Arch.

Here are some fun photos from the tour.

So if you want a fun evening check out Casa D’Angelo at 146 Mulberry Street and take a NYC Gangsters and Ghosts Tour at 24 Mulberry Street. Buy your tickets HERE.

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