Agatha Christie’s-The Unexpected Guest

Agatha Christie-what can I say…  I’ve been in love with Miss Marple and her amazing sleuth talents since I can remember and to this day constantly run her episodes on Netflix.LOL

So when I saw that TBTB (Theater Breaking Through Barriers) at The Clurman Theater at Theatre Row was doing an Agatha Christie’s production of The Unexpected Guest, I could hardly contain my excitement and made my plans to see it.

So below is the stage setting where the play takes place and then I’ll share a bit about the plot.


Right! Perfect setting for an Agatha Christie novel.  Loved it!!!!!

So the play begins when we see a distressed woman leaning against a wall and a man sitting in a wheelchair (see near the large glass doors to the right) but facing the window doors and you couldn’t see his face and he’s not moving.

Well all of a sudden “The Unexpected Guest” knocks on the door and then opens the two glass doors and simply walks in…

It turns out that the woman (leaning against the wall) called Laura Warwick played by Pamela Sabaugh tells this “Unexpected Guest” that she has just shot her husband (the guy in the chair) and so the plot unfolds…

The play has many characters all of whom eventually become suspects in the murder of the man in the wheelchair (as it turns out who was Ms. Warwick’s husband!).

But in true Agatha Christie fashion-YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW WHO DID IT!!!

What was so fun was that inside our Playbill there was a piece of paper where during the intermission you could write down who you thought did it and at the end of the play the winner would be announced. I thought that was a great idea!!!!

So, yes, I did my best and voted but was wrong and was really surprised to find out who the murderer was!!!

But that’s Agatha Christie for you…YOU JUST NEVER KNOW1

So if you want an absolutely delightful evening at the theater go see…The Unexpected Guest.




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