Dinner at Antonucci

It was Members Night at The Metropolitan Museum of Art so I met a friend in the area for dinner and then we went to the museum. I asked my friend to pick the restaurant since she knew the area better than myself and what a fabulous surprise. She picked the restaurant, Antonucci, an Italian restaurant which is located at 171 East 81 Street between Lexington and Third.

Now I must admit the restaurant didn’t look that interesting from the front but once I walked in I was smitten.

Here is a picture that I took in Rome when I was there a few years ago and below that is a picture of two of the waitresses in Antonucci. It was like being in Rome all over again.

Hotel Restaurant in Rome
Two Waitresses at Antonnuci

So, again, I had this immediate sense that I wasn’t in Manhattan but far away in Rome. It was great!

Now below are some photos of the restaurant and the bar area which also sooo support that feeling that you’re not in Manhattan but in Rome!

So what did I decide to order?

Well, first they put this amazing dip on the table with a bread basket. It was their special Homemade Tomato Sauce with Goat Cheese and herbs.

The dip with the breadsticks and bread was beyond fabulous!!

Then being being a dessert first kind of gal, I checked out the dessert menu

and when I saw the Chocolate Banana Cake with Chocolate Ice-Cream I knew that I was hooked!

So I ordered Two Chicken Meatballs, with Rice Pilaf and a Mushroom Cream Sauce (of course on the side!) and the spaghetti that you see is a tasting from my girlfriend’s fabulous plate of Meatballs and Spaghetti.

Well the Chicken Meatballs were fabulous and for one who is not keen on Rice Pilaf, it was great!

And now so yum, the dessert. The Banana Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ice-Cream.

What can I say? But that it was one of the top 5 desserts that I’ve probably ever had in my life. The layers of ganache with the layers of caramelized bananas with a dollop of chocolate ice-cream where just unbelievably heavenly and I enjoyed every bite.

But of course, I needed that cup of black coffee because it just heightened the decadent dessert experience even more!

So I beyond recommend Antonucci if you find yourself on the Upper East Side. It has grace, charm and warmth with the food being divine.

I can’t wait to get up there again.

I loved the entire experience and totally recommend it.

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