Paris on West 53rd Street

I found my heaven. I found Paris on West 53rd Street and I wore my Eiffel Tower earringsLol to celebrate.

Actually it was my girlfriend who suggested that we meet there. No, not the “real” Paris but the restaurant La Grande Boucherie which is located at 145 West 53rd Street. It is sooo gorgeous there and the space is sooo wonderful as you’ll soon see that it was definitely ooh-la-la.

Just some more information before I post any photos.

I just wanted to let you know that there is an outside to the restaurant as well as an inside. That both parts take up the whole block of the 6 1/2 Avenue of the Americas and the entire restaurant is a one-of-a-kind brasserie in the Art Nouveau style. The gallery (the outdoor plaza) which as I mentioned also stretches the entire length of the Avenue is open at each end and features a year round offering of outdoor dining. That is in addition to it’s dining room, bar and mezzanine areas.

In my opinion, it is all around gorgeous.

And so now for the outside and inside areas…..

So as you can see I really feel in love with the restaurant. Not only is it so beautiful and do you feel that you’re so outside Manhattan but it also has this very chill feel which I found, very , very relaxing as well.

Now what did I decide to order?

Well, as I’ve said in so many blog posts I am definitely a dessert girl first. With that in mind I ordered a Salad Nicoise so I could then pick a dessert. And let’s not forget that great French bread. Ooh-la-la

The salad had poached Ahi Tuna, haricots vert, tomato, oak leaf, olives, organic egg, anchovy, red wine and vinaigrette. It was super fresh and delightful.

Yeah, now time for dessert. Here are their choices…

I just wanted something totally different and so I ordered the Babar Exotique Au Rhum Leger. I had no idea what it would be and I seriously just wanted to be surprised.

Drum roll please…

It was really good. Inside the pastry were very small pieces of pineapple and between the whipped creme and the rum topping (which I judiciouslyLol poured on) it was really good.

And of course, I needed a cup of black coffeeLol to help me pace myself.

So I totally recommend La Grande Boucherie. It’s like “dining” in a dream in a far away land and really chills and thrills the senses at the very same time.


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