Brussel Sprouts and Figs at Mezetto

The other evening I met a friend on the Lower East Side to see the movie Julieta which was playing at The Sunshine Landmark Movie Theater on East Houston Street. We decided to take in a later show and to first have dinner at a place called Mezetto which is located at the corner of East Houston and 2nd Avenue right down the block from the movie theater.


So here’s what the bar area looks like…20170127_173034

Here’s what the inside of the restaurant while looking onto 2nd Ave…


So the menu was largely Mediterranean, Spanish or Middle Eastern and everything looked so intriguing that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to try.

But yes, I absolutely love Brussel Sprouts and so I ordered the Brussel Sprouts and Figs appetizer and added  a side of chicken to it.



Let me tell you the dish was fantabulous.  The sweetness of the figs coupled with the honey and the crunchiness of the brussel sprouts, pine nuts, almonds and apples with the combination of chicken was so good!  I definitely want to have this dish again 🙂 .

And then for dessert, I had what I hadn’t had  “forever” which was halva. The dessert was called Halva Parfait and yes, it was perfect!


The dessert had two types of Halva (both solid and shredded)  and then to the right was the Toffee-Coffee Syrup with finely chopped pistachios.

OK. It was, yes, it was sublime.  The mixture of the textures and the flavors were just absolutely outstanding!

So if you find yourself on East Houston near The Landmark Sunshine Movie Theater then check out Mezetto. It will not disappoint!

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